Friends with the Scale Launch Week


Friends with the Scale BookI’m excited to announce that my new book, Friends with the Scale is now available.

During Launch Week (April 23-29) I’ll be offering wonderful bonuses and prizes to everyone who buys the book.

Be sure to jump in and purchase the book right away so you don’t miss out on this great celebration.

Click here to read about Launch Week! Buy the book today!


Scale Book Excerpt #2


Child on scaleEach day during Launch Week (April 23-29)  I’ll be posting an excerpt from one of the chapters in Friends with the Scale.

Excerpt #2 – New scale messages
Friends with the Scale, page 9-10

If you routinely experience anger or discomfort with your scale, it’s time to learn how to detach yourself from it and stop letting it ruin your life.

After struggling with her scale for many years, Grace created an unusual way to make this switch.

“I was never at peace with my scale. Each morning I’d wonder which body part was responsible for that stupid number I saw between my toes. Was it my thick waist? Maybe my heavy thighs?

Then I’d engage in negative talk that would last all day (and night) until my next weigh-in. The following morning, the story would repeat itself.

Finally I decided to change what I said to myself each time I got on the scale.

I made a list of positive words that included beautiful, hot, lovely, sexy, perfect, attractive, fine, and adorable. Then I made small cards and printed a positive word on each one.

Every day when I got on the scale, I pulled a card off the stack and read it aloud. It became my mantra for that day. This simple solution has completely changed my relationship with the scale.

Even though some of the words feel a little silly, they help set me up for a day that is positive, strong, and self-affirming instead of negative and powerless.”

Instead of having your scale be an aggravating, frustrating enemy, let’s flip your relationship with it around! With a few simple changes in your thinking, you can turn your scale into a powerful ally in your weight-loss efforts.

Remember, when you let it ruin your day or cause you to eat, the scale wins. To overcome this, focus on self-care and staying on track, regardless of what the scale says.

The rest of this book chapter includes some great tips on how to stop giving the scale so much power.

Buy this book today and receive some wonderful bonuses as well as potential for winning great prizes!

Scale Book Excerpt #1


Broken ScaleEach day during Launch Week (April 23-29)  I’ll be posting an excerpt from one of the chapters in Friends with the Scale.

Excerpt #1 – The Dreaded Doctor’s Scale Read More »

Recovery from emotional colds


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