Instant tools for triggers


ToothbrushFrom Day 64 in 100 Days of Weight Loss

Once you start eating foods such as nuts or candy, their taste or texture can feel almost addicting. Read More »

Big life changes


Moving vanIn about a week, the moving truck will pull up to my door.

And some time the following week, they will start unloading all our belongings into a much smaller house in Iowa. Read More »

Add space between you and food


Girl with flowersIn your efforts to manage your food triggers, one of the best techniques is to create buffers that will protect you from slipping into eating.

Whenever possible, put some distance between you and your high-risk, problem foods. Read More »

I don’t know why I ate that!


restingI was tired, lonely, upset, etc.

You probably don’t have much trouble identifying eating triggers related to food itself. But as you know, lots of non-food triggers can also pull you toward eating. Read More »

Everything makes me want to eat!


Food cues or triggers include all those little signals and thoughts that prompt you to eat when you weren’t planning on it.

Both the sight and smell of food can be powerful triggers that make you want to eat. Read More »

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