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Change “I can’t” to “I’ll find a way!”


Discouraged#16 in the series “What’s in my way?”

When you’ve struggled with your weight and emotional eating for many years, you may not believe you can ever change.

But don’t slip into the habit of putting the words, I can’t” in front of your goals. See if any of these comments sound familiar.

“I can’t stay on a diet.”
“I can’t visit my family without overeating.”
“I can’t exercise because I don’t have time.”

Saying “I can’t” reinforces the belief that you are incapable of making progress. It also takes the blame off your shoulders because, after all, you “can’t!”

When it feels too hard to stay on your diet plan, saying “I can’t” gives you a valid excuse to give up and eat.

Try this…

Instead of saying “I can’t,” substitute the words “I don’t want to.” Now you confess, “I don’t want to stay on a diet.”

And you admit “I don’t want to visit my family without overeating.” Stating it this way gives you a different view of your actions.

When you really do want to change your behavior, switch the words “I can’t” into “I’ll find a way!” Notice the difference in how you feel when you use the followings statements.

 I’ll find a way to stay on a diet.

When Mom begs me to eat, I’ll find a way to say no to her.
Even though my schedule is tight, I’ll find a way to exercise.

Finish lineWhen you announce “I’ll find a way,” you put yourself in charge.

Instead of believing you’re stuck, you create new options. For example, when your mother pushes you to eat, you could tease her that she wishes you were a child again so she could “make” you do it.

Once you become determined to find a way, you’ll start looking for solutions instead of believing there aren’t any.

You don’t have to lose weight!


#15 in the series “What’s in my way?”

Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.” Read More »

Step into the “gray” area


Tired of exercise#14 in the series “What’s in my way?”

Bob decided he was ready to start an exercise program.

First he installed a lot of expensive equipment in a special carpeted area of his basement. Then he planned the ultimate workout, one that would ultimately give him the toned body of a Greek god. Read More »

Widen the square of perfectionism


Square#13 in the series “What’s in my way?”

In the last post, I talked about how we set up rigid expectations around other people.

You also might be using a tight expectation square around your own behavior. Read More »

Perfectionism – a weight-loss barrier


Perfectionist#12 in the series “What’s in my way?

Are you an “all or nothing” person?

Even if you don’t think it’s affecting you, perfectionism can block you from reaching your goals. Read More »

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