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Day 57 – Head hunger “insteads”


day 57If no chips, what else can I do?

Whenever you realize you’re facing a head hunger craving, stop to think about the real cause of your hunger and how you might address your emotional needs. Read More »

Day 56 – Head Hunger


Day 56Where’s a bag of chips? I need to crunch on something!

In my work, I’ve learned you can separate emotional eating into two distinct types—
head hunger and heart hunger. Read More »

Day 55 – Food is the consolation prize


55I don’t like how today is going. Guess I’ll eat something.

Ever have days like this? Read More »

Day 54 – Eating to feel better


day 54If I eat something, maybe I’ll feel better.

Those words slip out so easily. When you’re tired, stressed, or physically ill, food is often the first thing that comes to mind. Read More »

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