Everything makes me want to eat!


Food cues or triggers include all those little signals and thoughts that prompt you to eat when you weren’t planning on it.

Both the sight and smell of food can be powerful triggers that make you want to eat. Read More »

Day 60 Create a stop sign


Day 60Most emergency or firehouse crews rely on a process they’ve planned out in advance.
When a call comes in, staff members immediately stop whatever they’re doing and begin using the countdown for tackling the challenge in front of them. Read More »

Valentine’s Day — Where is the love?


Valentine's DayIn the U.S., February 14th is designated as Valentine’s Day.

It’s such a strange holiday. If someone gives you chocolates, you can’t eat them because you’re on a diet. But if you don’t get any, you feel sad and left out. Read More »

Day 59 – Heart Hunger “Insteads”


day 59I just want to feel better!

When you’re facing the pressure emotions of head hunger, active things such as exercise or yelling at the steering wheel will usually work. Read More »

Take Back Your Life Program


Welcome chair Great New Program!
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Take Back Your Life

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