Day 24: Eat for satisfaction


Day 24100 Days Challenge 2014
Day 24 Summary

Imagine drinking a delicious cup of coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate. As you sip on this hot beverage, you smile with pleasure.

The drink feels quite soothing and nurturing, even comforting. This special treat reaches your soul, helping you feel relaxed and fulfilled.

Eating works the same way. If you’re determined you want to appreciate flavors, work on getting satisfaction from your food, not guilt or remorse.

To do this, you don’t have to eat large amounts; you just have to let the food sink into your awareness. In other words, to feel satisfied by food, you have to be able to “get it.”

Savoring your food will help this a lot. But sometimes you have to take it a step further and be willing to simply allow yourself a sense of pleasure from eating.

For your brain to achieve satisfaction, you have to eat slowly, pay attention to the bites and appreciate your food.

When you give yourself permission to enjoy food instead of feeling guilty about eating it, you’ll get the satisfaction you crave and you won’t have to hunt for something more to eat.

Today’s assignment (my answers are in blue)

1. Recall a food or type of meal that’s usually highly satisfying for you.

Carrot cake at a great steak restaurant in Denver. I’ve learned that if I eat the entire piece of cake, I feel almost sick. So I usually cut it into 4 pieces and just eat one of them.

2. Write a few words or sentences that describe how it feels to be satisfied by food.

Comfortable, happy, content. Knowing that I enjoyed it a lot, but didn’t overeat. The surroundings make a difference as well. That restaurant is one of my favorites, and I have lots of happy memories from it.

3. Eat at least one thing today with the intention of feeling satisfied. Appreciate the food and allow yourself to feel totally fulfilled by eating it. Describe this below.

For lunch yesterday, I ate a dish of yogurt topped with strawberries, bananas and a few slivered almonds. I ate it slowly, and allowed it to feel totally satisfying. It felt good to know I was taking care of myself.

Day 23: Savoring food


Day 23100 Days Challenge 2014
Day 23 Summary

Did you taste it? Really taste it?

If you aren’t sure if you’re actually tasting your food, try “savoring” it. It’s a great way to increase awareness of your food. Read More »

Day 22: Multi-task with food


Day 22100 Days Challenge 2014
Day 22 Summary

I don’t agree with diet advice that says you should NEVER do anything else when you are eating. Read More »

Day 21: Eat with awareness


day 21100 Days Challenge 2014
Day 21 Summary

Bob had developed the habit of doing a lot of things at the same time. Read More »

Completed: Days 11-20


You’ve come this far in your 100 Days…

Don’t stop now!

If you’re struggling to stick with it, push yourself to finish one more day.

You’ll immediately be another day closer to achieving your weight-loss goals.

Just do one more day!

Linda’s notes:

Well, here’s my progress update for my personal weight-loss goals. Since starting the challenge in August, I’ve lost two pounds. I wish I’d lost more, but looking at my “dot calendar” explains why it was only that much.

I’ve certainly had lots of days when I’ve done well on my plan, but on other days, I widened my road way too much. In fact, a couple days, I drove off the road entirely and enjoyed the beautiful scenery around me (which included ice cream, glasses of wine, and a few cookies.)

It’s not that I believe those are all things I should never have. It’s just that my wider road doesn’t result in my weight going down the way I’d like.

Sometimes it feels hard to be on a weight-loss plan, and I have to pump up my motivation and my determination for staying with it. But I keep reminding myself that it will be SO worth it when I reach my goal.

My plan for the next twenty days is to work on being a lot more consistent with my exercise program. I’m also going to go back and review my 20 reasons WHY I want to lose weight.

Please add comments about your own progress and your goals for the next 20 days.

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