Diet Coach Cafe One-Year Challenge

Welcome to my new weight-loss challenge! This one pushes you to become a weight-loss success story in ONE YEAR.

Many of you have participated in the 100 Days Challenge where you use the lessons from the book, “100 Days of Weight Loss” to help you stay on track for three months or longer. The One-Year Challenge takes you way beyond this by pushing you toward amazing levels of success.

Doing the challenge is simple. Just dedicate yourself to one-full year of powerful focus and motivation to your weight-management goals.

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What will my body give me?

Think about this…over the course of one year, what could you accomplish? If you really stayed consistent with your actions for an entire year, what would your body give you? Play with the answer, picturing all the ways your weight and your health could improve by the end of one year.

Whether you need to lose weight, maintain your current weight, or develop a consistent exercise program, this challenge will give you amazing motivation to work toward reaching your goals.

State your intention

Decide on the things you’d like to see happen by the end of one year. Then complete this statement: At the end of one year, here’s what I will have accomplished…

Make sure you set outcomes that can be measured such as a specific goal weight, number of days you exercise per week, or completing a two-month yoga class.

If you are a member of Diet Coach Cafe, you have access to the resources on Post your goal statement in the One-Year Challenge Message board. You’ll find an amazing group of people who will support your efforts.

CalendarThe One-Year Challenge is ongoing, so you can start any time. Choose a day to designate as your starting point on the Challenge. When you’re ready to go, mentally draw a line in the sand, and step over it!

If you’re already in the middle of a diet or weight-loss program, stay with your current plan. Just use the One-Year Challenge to help you stick with your program and reach your goals.

Make this the year you reach your goals and become a true success story!

Free support materials

Click here to download and print the free materials that go with the One-Year Challenge.

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